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Simon Patchett

Hey Liz 🙂

I think the studies, particularly Borgeat’s 2014 retrospective are tricky to interpret given the high rate of euthanasia. In that study only 12% of total population survived >7d and just 2.4% survived the year, granted the choice of anti-thrombotic varied in this population. I guess it’s also worth noting the Hogan (clopidgrel vs aspirin) study recruitment – cats had to survive 1-3months post initial ATE event in order to be recruited – was this selecting for a population that was always going to survive longer? These cats that have already survived for at least 1 month again on potentially variable treatment regimes and also worth noting they were excluded from the study if their CHF was unstable – which we know a number of cats during initial presentation would be described as this.

Is there any data from point of first ATE event (initiation of treatment) to second event with a standardised (Clopidogrel) treatment plan? To identify a response rate as you say?

Thanks for the answers above and thanks for the webinar as you can see has really got me thinking about my current practice and the evidence available!