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Simon Patchett

If scanning is something you are not that confident with, if you do you suspect a larger left atrium
would you support the use of peripheral vs central glucose to further increase you confidence in diagnosis of ATE?

This may be particularly useful for those cats not in currently in CHF? It would be useful in ruling out neurological causes of hindlimb paraparesis?

Regarding use of rTPA at Liverpool, is this part of a larger trial with lower dosing regimes? Presumably you see much fewer complications than the original Rush et al trial? Do you think this is due to the change in dosing regime – What process have you gone through to establish a dose that is efficacious but does not have too high a complication rate.

Finally an ethical question – Just because we can, should we?

Of those cats presenting with bilateral paraparesis only 15-36% survive to discharge, with such a short term poor prognosis, high recurrence rate and poor long term survival would you recommend attempting to treating this population at all?